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Your well-being is in good hands

Cabinet psy Six-Fours
Cabinet accueil psy Var

“Your strengths come from your weaknesses. »

Sigmund Freud

All about therapy

Guiding you on the path to fulfillment

I apply effective psychotherapy techniques to help patients understand themselves and encourage them to adopt new attitudes in the face of hardship. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic formula that will instantly solve all your problems, but a process that requires the investment of both the patient and the therapist. In the end, small changes like learning to manage feelings of sadness or fear can lead to big wins.

Contact me

429 Rocade Des Playes (Facing the Intermarché)

Anthurium building, 1st floor

84130 Six-Fours-les-Plages, France

06 17 64 92 54

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